Meet Pasang Drolma!

We’d like you to meet Pasang Drolma. Pasang is 12 years old and is from the Sindhupalchowk district of Hyolmo. We met Pasang during our early relief visits. She is eager and full of promise but she faces a bleak future without our help. From those around her we heard a story we were to hear often.

Pasang Drolma



Pasang’s immediate family can no longer care for her. Her mother has passed away and her father is a farmer. He is unable to provide for his daughter or her education, so Pasang Drolma now lives with her aunt in Kathmandu. Her aunt has the resources to support Pasang Drolma – but not to fund her schooling as well. Pasang Drolma needs to continue her studies as a 5th grader in the Ambassador School in Kathmandu.


As we have seen over and over again, being at school, with its familiar routines, friends and activities is a vital part of recovering from the trauma of the earthquake – let alone preparing for a future!


CGLF has been able to fund this next term so that Pasang can go back to school. To make sure Pasang can graduate we need your help.

Pasang Drolma passing exam to be enrolled to Ambassador Academy


You can sponsor Pasang Droma’s education needs for 400 USD/year by visiting our educaton sponsor page (that’s less that $2 a day!) and see that early promise blossom into fulfilment!