Trip to Chhumik Jhayang Chhup

On 23rd of November 2017, the group of Tibetan medical students we went to Chhumik Jhayang Chhup, the holy place of Guru Padmasambhava in order to collect herbal medicine to make the medicine pills. The place is blessed by Guru Rinpoche and therefore it will be more beneficial for the patients as well.


They started the journey from 5 am. They went to Asura cave, Pharping to do butter lamp offerings and prayers before proceed to collect herbal plants; such as Bhongmar, Serkut and Tawa. As Pharping is also religious place for Hindus, they also went to Dakshin Kali to do some prayers and offered fruits and flowers.

The group climbed up higher and higher and found many roots and trunks of herbal plants.