Teachers Training


Education is vital to the well-being and future of all children. Teachers are equally vital in making this happen. Education requires highly adept skills and training to most effectively encourage and enhance the naturally present curiosity and fascination of learning in children. Teachers hold the key to this awakening experience, and it is their duty to offer what is most needed to each individual child.

We are creating programs to train teachers to better nurture the progress of students with progressive education strategies and classroom skills. These programs will ensure an equally satisfying educational experience for all the students, and establish a benchmark of quality to guarantee up to date academic efficiency.



Keeping a personal connection between you and your sponsored teacher is important to us. The BGF team works directly with the teachers and schools to establish the quality education and healthy lifestyle needed to ensure the future success of these young people.

Donate and Become a Sponsor!

Please, if you wish to sponsor a teacher here in Nepal and would like more information, please send us an email at [email protected].